Term projects

This page lists several term projects.

1) Read the descriptions of all the projects. Each project should be done by two people,
although you can do a project by yourself if you get permission from me. All projects
will be managed by one or more members of my group. Feel free to discuss the projects
with them if you want to.

2) Email Hao with your first and second preferences of projects.

3) Each project has a suggested list of milestones and deadlines. You should refine this schedule after discussing the project with your mentor, and come up with a detailed implementation plan by the end of the month.

4) Your project report is due on December 6th. It must be 10 pages long, not  including citations. You must use this Latex template for your report (it is the template we use for SIGPLAN conference proceedings). This file uses a Latex class file that you can find here. Make sure the template and the class file are in the same folder.  Latex will produce a pdf file that looks like this.

  1. Parsing algorithms for general context-free grammars (Keshav Pingali)
  2. Implementing EDA Algorithms using the Operator Formulation (Yi-Shan Lu)
  3. Exploiting atomic operations in Galois graph applications (Andrew Lenharth and Gurbinder Gill)
  4. A distributed-memory Galois implementation of image processing applications. (Roshan Dathathri)
  5. Gremlin bytecode to IrGL convertor (Sree Pai)
  6. Translating Python code to C++ shared-memory Galois/Abelian code (Andrew Lenharth and Roshan Dathathri)
  7. Asynchronous Variational Integrators on Distributed-memory machines (Amber Hassaan)
  8. Learning tile sizes using neural networks (Roshan Dathathri)