Term Papers and Presentations
Posted Tuesday, May 1:
Instructions for term-paper:

1. Use the SIGPLAN class files at this URL: http://dynopt.org/ppopp-2012/

The website also has a template that shows how to use this style.

2. Here is one suggested organization for your paper.
You do not have to follow it exactly, but make sure this information appears in your paper.

- Abstract: a summary of the problem, the approach you took, and the most important accomplishments of your work.

- Introduction: description of the problem you attacked, why it is important and interesting, the overall approach you took, and organization of rest of paper

- Previous work: summarize the state of the art

- Narrative of the approach you took to solve the problem. This might be several sections long.

- Experimental results

- What you learned from the project, what worked, what did not work, what came as a surprise

- Conclusions and future work: what are the main problems left unsolved by your work?

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