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Progress in Learning 3 vs. 2 Keepaway

Gregory Kuhlmann and Peter Stone. Progress in Learning 3 vs. 2 Keepaway. In Daniel Polani, Brett Browning, Andrea Bonarini, and Kazuo Yoshida, editors, RoboCup-2003: Robot Soccer World Cup VII, Springer Verlag, Berlin, 2004.
Some simulations of keepaway referenced in the paper.


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	         Reinforcement learning has been successfully applied
	         to several subtasks in the RoboCup simulated soccer
	         domain.  Keepaway is one such task.  One notable
	         success in the keepaway domain has been the
	         application of SMDP Sarsa(lambda) with tile-coding
	         function approximation.  However, this success was
	         achieved with the help of some significant task
	         simplifications, including the delivery of complete,
	         noise-free world-state information to the agents.
	         Here we demonstrate that this task simplification was
	         unnecessary and further extend the previous empirical
	         results on this task.
        wwwnote={Some <a href="">simulations of keepaway</a> referenced in the paper.},

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