Learn about our programs!


The Corporate Liasons organize and coordinate events with Corporate Sponsors and FoCS Companies. We host a variety of events with the companies, ranging from networking over succulent planting to demonstrating technical skills through coding competitions. We also work with these companies to provide workshops, judges, and prizes for our annual hackathon.


Outreach within wics organizes volunteer events with local schools teaching young kids about CS, participates in outreach events such as Explore UT, Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day, and Girl Scouts events and in charge of social media to represent WiCS at UT.


The Academic Team aims to help WiCS members feel prepared for their classes. We organize study groups with classmates, exam review sessions with upperclassmen, and lunches with our CS faculty. Geared towards academics, our programs ensure WiCS members are comfortable with their coursework. Feel free to contact us with any questions!


The social events in WiCS create a community within the department that helps students have a support system. Throughout the semester we have fun events such as kayaking and bowling. Once a month we organize brown bags in which girls can meet other members and an officer on a smaller scale.


Makers is dedicated to inviting CS students who often have very limited exposure to embedded systems, which is the interaction of software and hardware. We mainly explore this using micro-controllers, namely Arduino boards.