Brain and Cognitive Disorders
The goal is to develop computational insight into how damage to the brain occurs and how it can be mitigated and repaired. Our work focuses in particular in disorders such as schizophrenia, aphasia, and amnesia, as well as visual and language impairments that result from damage to the system.
Shlomo Bentin Formerly affiliated Collaborator shlomo bentin [at] huji ac il
Peggy Fidelman Formerly affiliated Ph.D. Student peggyf [at] cs utexas edu
Uli Grasemann Postdoctoral Alumni uli [at] cs utexas edu
Ralph E. Hoffman Formerly affiliated Collaborator ralph hoffman [at] yale edu
Swathi Kiran Collaborator kirans [at] bu edu
Manish Saggar Ph.D. Alumni saggar [at] stanford edu
Clifford Saron Formerly affiliated Collaborator cdsaron [at] ucdavis edu
Joseph Sirosh Ph.D. Alumni joseph sirosh [at] gmail com
Hong Ming Yeh Formerly affiliated Ph.D. Student hongming [at] cs utexas edu
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The LISSOM package contains the C++, Python, and Scheme source code and examples for training and testing firing-rate...



This package contains the C-code and data for training and testing the DISLEX model of the lexicon, which is also par...


DISCERN DISCERN is a large, modular neural network system for reading, paraphrasing and answering questions about stereotypical ... 1993