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cbz_util Namespace Reference


string string_format (const char *pFormat,...)
void string_replace (string &str, const string &toFind, const string &toReplaceWith)
void string_to_lower (string &str)
template<typename T>
static void vector_copy (const vector< T > &copyFrom, vector< T > &copyTo)
template<typename T>
bool list_find (const list< T > &toSearch, const T &toFind)

Function Documentation

template<typename T>
bool cbz_util::list_find const list< T > &  toSearch,
const T &  toFind

Definition at line 81 of file cbz_util.h.

string cbz_util::string_format const char *  pFormat,

void cbz_util::string_replace string &  str,
const string &  toFind,
const string &  toReplaceWith

void cbz_util::string_to_lower string &  str  ) 

template<typename T>
static void cbz_util::vector_copy const vector< T > &  copyFrom,
vector< T > &  copyTo

Definition at line 67 of file cbz_util.h.

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