Data Mining Group at the University of Texas

We are an interdisciplinary group of active researchers in data/web mining and associated subjects. Areas of expertise include: machine learning, adaptive pattern recognition, scalable and distributed data mining, data visualization, market basket analysis, statistical natural language processing, click stream analysis, information/document retrieval, collaborative filtering and recommender systems, web metrics, sampling, knowledge acquisition, modeling and refinement, and applied statistics.

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Related Courses @ UT

Inderjit Dhillon (CS)  Data Mining Laboratory
  • Large-Scale Data Mining
  • Joydeep Ghosh (ECE)  Intelligent Data Exploration and Analysis Laboratory (IDEAL)
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  • Artificial Neural Systems

    Ray Mooney (CS)  Machine Learning research group at UT Austin
  • Machine Learning
  • Lynne Stokes (MSIS)  
  • Data Mining for Marketing
  • A Practicum in Data Mining

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  • Tivoli
  • CS (Computer Sciences) Department
  • ECE (Electrical & Computer Engineering) Department
  • MSIS (Management Science & Information Systems) Department