CS373: Software Engineering

Summer 2018: 86360

Project: Collatz

Due: Thu, 21 Jun, 10pm

Write a program, individually, to solve Collatz [Python 3 (Python 3.5.2, 10 sec, 512 MB)].


These are additional descriptions of the underlying math:


See Workflow.

Provide your GitLab URL on the Canvas assignment


These are the URLs involved:


Points Assets
HackerRank 50 pts
buid files
  • .gitignore
  • .gitlab-ci.yml
  • makefile
    • name, EID, and GitLab ID
    • Git SHA
    • link to GitLab pipelines
    • estimated completion time (hours: int)
    • actual completion time (hours: int)
    • comments
  • GitLab
5 pts
issues 5 pts
unit tests 10 pts
acceptance tests 10 pts
continuous integration 10 pts
  • assertions
  • pylint results
  • autopep8 output
  • Collatz.py
5 pts
  • create inline comments if you need to explain the why of a particular implementation
  • pydoc (Collatz.py only) output
  • git log
  • Collatz.html
  • Collatz.log
5 pts
Total 100 pts

Academic Integrity

  • In the Ungraded assignment group on Canvas, there is a quiz, Academic Integrity Quiz.
  • Complete that quiz.
  • Multiple attempts are permitted, but you must eventually get all questions right in order to receive credit for this project.

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