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Unit 0.2.4 Homework

Remark 0.2.3.

Some of the comments below regard the MOOC, offered on the edX platform, based on these materials.

You will notice that homework appears both in the notes and in the corresponding units on the edX platform. Auditors can use the version in the notes. Most of the time, the questions will match exactly but sometimes they will be worded slightly differently so as to facilitate automatic grading.

Realize that the edX platform is ever evolving and that at some point we had to make a decision about what features we would embrace and what features did not fit our format so well. As a result, homework problems have frequently been (re)phrased in a way that fits both the platform and our course.

Some things you will notice:

  • "Open" questions in the text are sometimes rephrased as multiple choice questions in the course on edX.

  • Sometimes we simply have the video with the answer right after a homework because edX does not support embedding videos in answers.

Please be patient with some of these decisions. Our course and the edX platform are both evolving, and sometimes we had to improvise.