CS343 Artificial Intelligence

Fall 2020, Tuesdays at 6pm, online
Unique number 51100
Zoom links to class meetings and to office hours are in Canvas

Risto Miikkulainen
Office hrs (online): Drop-in: M 6-6:30pm, W 4:30-5pm; By appt: Th 2:30-4pm

Jiaru Song
Office hrs (online): Mon 5-6pm

Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach. (Fourth Edition, 2020). Prentice-Hall.
(Third edition is ok as well)

Course organization:
This course is fully online. Each class has a designated topic, with a reading assignment and lecture videos. You need to do the reading, watch the videos, and turn in one question about them before each online class meeting. In each class we discuss the topic with your questions as a starting point, and run hands-on exercises. In addition, I will have (optional) office hours where we can continue the discussion one-on-one. There will be four homework assignments that allow you to apply what you've learned to practical problems.

10% Questions
40% Homework
20% Midterm (6-8pm on Oct 13th)
30% Final (7-9pm on Dec 15th)
- No makeup exams without a valid proof of unexpected emergency.
- You have five late days for which there is no penalty. After those five days are used up, turning homework in late will reduce the grade 15% for the first 24hrs, 40% for the second, 75% for the third, and 100% after that, and turning questions in late 100% immediately.
- Plus/minus final grades will be used; attendance will not affect the final grade.
- Students with disabilities may request appropriate academic accommodations from the Services for Students with Disabilities.
- Cheating will not be tolerated; see CS Department Code of Conduct

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Interesting and useful links:
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Chinook, Watson
An interactive COVID-19 Intervention optimization demo
An interview on Evolutionary AI at TWIML

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