Cognitive Science

Fall 2005, Wednesdays 2-5pm, PAI 3.14

Risto Miikkulainen
cs395t (54282)
Department of Computer Sciences
4.142A Taylor Hall
Office hrs: Wed 5:15-6pm, TAY 4.142A (exceptions)

Michael Tye
Psy 394U (40142), CGS 380 (42353), Phl 383 (43292), Lin 392 (31178)
Department of Philosophy
Waggener Hall 425
Office hrs: Tu 11-12 and by appt.

William Bechtel and George Graham (Editors): A Companion to Cognitive Science.
Assigned readings.

An introduction to cognitive science, the new discipline emerging from the interaction of psychology, artificial intelligence, linguistics, philosophy, neuroscience, and evolutionary biology. The course will range broadly, examining a variety of approaches to the study of how humans and other intelligent systems represent, reason, understand, perceive, use language, learn, and plan purposeful actions. The central assumption is that the human mind is fundamentally a computational organ and that cognitive processes can be explicitly modeled.

The course will cover the basic issues and contributions in the field, with particular emphasis on current research at UT. There will be frequent lectures by faculty from the relevant disciplines who are engaged in such research. Major topics in the course will include:

Students will, at regular intervals, submit discussion notes (short, 2-page critical commentaries) on the talks and readings. In collaboration with another student, you will also write a short paper (approximately 5-7 pages) discussing a significant research on topic you find of interest. Discussion notes count 60% towards the final grade and the paper 40%. Class attendance and participation, and readings are also required.

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