Compiler Research Group
Department of Computer Sciences
University of Texas at Austin
Compiler and programming language research at the University of Texas at Austin.
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The DaCapo project studies compile-time and run-time techniques to improve memory system performance. The current focus is on Java and JVM garbage collectors.


Broadway is a domain-specific compiler for software libraries. Work on this project includes library-level optimization of high-performance numeric codes and detecting errors and security vulnerabilities in system software. The compiler is built on our own C-Breeze compiler infrastructure.

  TRIPS compiler

This project is building a back-end for the TRIPS architecture based on the Scale compiler infrastructure.

  Faculty   Research staff

Calvin Lin
Kathryn McKinley

Samuel Guyer

  Graduate students   Undergraduates

Adam Brown
Michael Bond
Walter Chang
Ben Hardekopf
Xianglong Huang
Maria Jump
Sundeep Kumar Kushwaha
Aaron Smith
Alison Smith
Teck Bok Tok
Benjamin Wiedermann
Jen Sartor
Subramaniam Venkiteswaran
Suriya Subramanian
John Gibson

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  Updated on April 15, 2004.