Logic-Based Artificial Intelligence
CS 395T: Logic-Based Artificial Intelligence, Spring 2011

Course Description

Ideas and methods of mathematical logic have always played an important role in the theory of knowledge representation. Logic became relevant to AI research in yet another way when we started using fast satisfiability solvers for solving combinatorial search problems. In this class we will spend most of the time studying one of the latest developments in the area of logic-based AI, answer set programming.

Time and place: TTh 2-3:30, BUR 224.

Instructor: Vladimir Lifschitz (vl@cs.utexas.edu)
Office hours: T 11-12 and by appointment, MAI 2010.

TA: Fangkai Yang (fkyang@cs.utexas.edu)
Office hours: F 3-4 and by appointment, MAI 2004.

Prerequisite: Graduate standing.
Grading will be based on class participation.

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