WiNTECH Program

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08:45am-09:15am. Registration & Welcome

09:15am-10:15am. Keynote Talk

Ranveer Chandra, "White Space Networking Beyond the TV Bands".

10:15am-11:00am. Session 1: Platforms and Tools I

Session chair: Mahesh Marina

Cognitive Radio Kit Framework : Experimental Platform for Dynamic Spectrum Research
Khanh Le, Prasanthi Maddala, Craig Gutterman, Kyle Soska, Aveek Dutta, Dola Saha, Peter Wolniansky, Dirk Grunwald and Ivan Seskar.

Experimentation made easy with the AMazING Panel
João Martins, João Paulo Barraca, Diogo Gomes and Rui L. Aguiar.

11:00am-11:30am. Coffee Break

11:30am-12:45pm. Session 2: Case Studies

Session chair: Moustafa Youssef

Measurement-Driven Performance Analysis of Indoor Femtocellular Networks
Trung-Tuan Luong, Vigneshwaran Subbaraju, Archan Misra and Srinivasan Seshan.

A Case for Evaluating Backpressure Routing using Ns-3 Emulation in a WiFi Mesh Testbed.
Jose Nunez-Martinez and Josep Mangues-Bafalluy.

Towards Inherent Error-Resilient Voice Encoding Schemes in Audio Sensor Networks
Okan Turkes and Sebnem Baydere.

01:00pm-02:00pm. Lunch

02:00pm-02:45pm. Session 3: Characterization

Session chair: Ranveer Chandra

Improving the Accuracy of Environment-specific Vehicular Channel Modeling
Xiaohui Wang, Eric Anderson, Peter Steenkiste and Fan Bai.

Understanding Energy Consumption of UHF RFID Readers for Mobile Phone Sensing Applications
Marinos Argyrou, Matt Calder, Arsham Farshad and Mahesh Marina.

02:45pm-04:00pm. Session 4: Platforms and Tools II

Session chair: Eric Anderson

SmartEye: An energy-efficient Observer Platform for Internet of Things Testbeds
Riccardo Pozza, Alexander Gluhak and Michele Nati.

VIRMANEL: A Mobile Multihop Network Virtualization Tool
Yacine Benchalb and Claude Chaudet.

Making the Best of Two Worlds: A Framework for Hybrid Experiments
Razvan Beuran, Shinsuke Miwa and Yoichi Shinoda.

04:00pm-04:30pm. Coffee Break

04:30pm-05:45pm. Demo and poster session

Session chair: Vishnu Navda

A Dvaar To LokVaani: Extending Cellular Coverage Inside Villages of Developing World
Vijay Gabale, Jeet Patani, Bhaskaran Raman, Rupesh Mehta, Ramakrishnan Kalyanaraman

Demonstrating Practical Provably Secure Multi-node Communication
Omar Hassan, Mahmoud Fouad, Moustafa Youssef

SPOT Demo: Multi-entity Device-Free WLAN Localization
Ibrahim Sabek, Moustafa Youssef

Experimentation made easy with the AMazING Panel
Joao Martins, Joao Paulo Barraca, Diogo Gomes, Rui L. Aguiar

A testbed for measuring battery discharge behavior
Laura Marie Feeney, Lars Andersson, Anders Lindgren, Stina Starborg, Annika Ahlberg Tidblad

On the Performance of IEEE 802.11n Protocol
Nasreddine Hajlaoui, Issam Jabri

Enabling Large Scale Flexible Deployment of Cognitive Radio Routing Protocols
Ahmed Saeed, Mohamed Ibrahim, Khaled A. Harras, Moustafa Youssef

Evaluating Solar panel driven Systems in the Laboratory
Stanislav Bobovych, James P. Parkerson, Nilanjan Banerjee

05:45pm-06:00pm. Closing Remarks