About ABCS

Our History

ABCS was founded in Spring 2016 with the goal of providing a space of support and celebration for Black students within the UT Computer Science department. Before the establishment of ABCS, there was MACS (Minority Alliance in Computer Science). However, six students, Kierra Dotson, Anthony Gallop, Jacqueline Gibson, Rebecca Lemma, Micah Peoples, and Tony Sampson sought to create a space to better serve and provide resources specifically for Black students within UTCS.

Jacqueline Gibson, one of the founders, highlights how ABCS was founded to "provide Black students in the department with academic, personal, and professional support throughout their time on the Forty Acres. We wanted to build a community where everyone knew their voice was heard and their needs mattered. This would be a space where you could find friends, mentors, and collaborators."

Current ABCS organization leaders strive to carry on this mission and expand our organization's impact and reach across UT and the greater Austin community.

Spring 2017, EA Austin Office Visit

Our Faculty Advisor

Chand John is an Assistant Professor of Instruction in the Department of Computer Science at UT-Austin and is Affiliated Faculty with Texas Robotics. Previously, he was a robotics software engineer at Verb Surgical (now part of Johnson & Johnson) and Honda. He was awarded the 2019 Community Champions Award by Breaking the Glass for his research-backed presentations to tech organizations on unconscious bias. He received his Ph.D. and M.S. in computer science from Stanford University and his B.S. degrees in math and computer science from UT-Austin.

Dr. Chand John joined ABCS as our faculty advisor in the Fall 2020 semester. As the ABCS faculty advisor, he dedicates time to understanding and amplifying student concerns. In addition to serving as the ABCS faculty advisor, Dr. John also works on various DEI initiatives within the department.

How to become a member

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