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Automatic Programming Our goal is to make programming faster and easier by generating programs from graphical specifications by specializing generic algorithms.
Computer Vision Our research interests are in computer vision and machine learning.
Deep Learning
Durrett Group
Embodied Cognition Lab This lab studies how humans interact with the environment in order to understand what constraints the brain operates under, as well as attempt to find the correct abstractions that should be used in modeling of cognition.
Graphics & AI Our research interests are at the intersections of Graphics and various fields in AI, including Natural Language Processing, Robotics, Computer Vision, and Machine Learning.
Knowledge Representation & Reasoning To learn more about the current work being done in knowledge representation and reasoning at UT, visit this page
Learning Agents Visit this page to learn about our research towards creating complete intelligent agents capable of learning and interacting with one another.
Machine Learning For more about natural language acquisition, knowledge refinement, learning for planning, and recommender systems, check out this page
Neural Networks Artificial intelligence and cognitive science are the main interests of the Neural Nets group. Visit this page for more about their work.
Statistical Learning and AI
The Personal Autonomous Robotics Lab (PeARL) The goal of our research is to enable personal robots to be deployed in the home and workplace with minimal intervention by robotics experts.