CS 395T: Cryptography

University of Texas at Austin – Spring 2024


This course will provide an introduction to pairing-based and lattice-based cryptography. We will study constructions of various advanced cryptographic primitives such as identity-based encryption, attribute-based encryption, fully homomorphic encryption, non-interactive zero-knowledge proofs, and succinct non-interactive arguments.

Meeting Time and Place

Location: GDC 6.202
Time: Tuesday, Thursday, 2:00pm-3:30pm


More information will be posted closer to the start of the semester.


This is an advanced cryptography course, and we will assume fluency with all of the topics covered in an introductory cryptography course (CS 346 or CS 388H). If you have not taken an introductory cryptography course and are still interested in taking the course, I strongly encourage you to talk to me before enrolling.