Errata for First Printing of Automata, Computability, and Complexity: Theory and Applications

These errors have been fixed in the pdf version of the book.

2Line 3We don’t we just … => Why don’t we just …
17Example 2.16This answer isn't right. It describes a superset of L*.
20Exercise 6.c.Add ) before final }
24Example 3.5Add + to produce "each of the substrings … is an element of {0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9)+ …"
36First bulletShould be “define problems as languages to be decided”.
49Line2Change “w elementof c*” to “w elementof {c}*”.
50Example 4.12Add comma after "some function f". Change two instances of "counter example" to "counterexample"
55FSM diagramEach transition labeled D should advance two states.
61Figure in Example 5.6The dead state (labeled d) should not be accepting.
64Figure in Example 5.10The state labeled U should be labeled O. The loop back to it should be labeled Sigma - {u}
64Example 5.10The word "sacrilegious" is not in L - the letters are out of order.
65Line 3Change "an FSM" to "a DFSM".
66Line -9“A subset-of is the set of final states” should be, “A subset-of K is a set of accepting states”.
82Halfway down the pageThe two lines of code “st = st1.” and “If st = emptyset then exit.” should be moved to the left so that they line up with “For all q in st do:”. Keep the /* parts lined up as they are.
82Line -13In the argument to big-O, change “w” to “|w|”.
88Last lineChange “we can us it” to “we can use it”.
101Soundex diagramAdd an arrow to the edge from state 2v back to itself.
112Last lineRemove space before closing ).
114Line -9".. just prior to reading a fifth output symbol." Should be ".. just prior to generating a fifth output symbol."
118First line of third paragraph"This new machine is indeed nondeterministic ..." should be "This new machine is indeed deterministic ...".
121Exercise 1Make state 5 nonaccepting.
122Exercise 2jChange “as a substrings” to “as substrings”.
124Exercise 11dThe R in wwR should not be italicized (but it is correct to be a superscript).
133-134Proof of Thm. 6.1Change every instance of lower case delta to upper case delta. (Two on p. 133 and 14 on p. 134)
136Final figure in Example 6.5The state with in-transition labeled a should not be accepting.
142Line 11In the definition of M, change lower case delta to upper case Delta.
153Exercise 9Two errors in the transition diagram: Label the arc from q2 to q0 a. Make state q3 nonaccepting.
154Exercise 15In the transition diagram, the arc from q1 to q3 should have the single label b.
165Line -13Paragraph should end with, "... and accepts all strings that M1 rejects."
174Line 7Remove ) after "some p".
174First line of Example 8.11The R in wwR should not be italicized (but it is correct to be a superscript).
195Line -2Remove blank between w and , Also remove extra blank after the second w
Formal definition of grammar Quadruple should start with ( and end with ). Some examples use { and }. Some use { and } now.
210First line of Example 11.3The R in wwR should not be italicized (but it is correct to be a superscript).
215Step 5 of the algorithmChange “from VG'" to “from VG' - ΣG'".
220The derivationsIn the left-most derivation, the four instances of "The" should be "the". In the right-most one, the single instance of "The" should be "the".
235Line -4Section 11.7.4 should be 11.7.3.
246Problem 6.aRemove the word “where” just after the colon.
249Lines 14-15Change "M is a sex-tuple" to "M is a six-tuple".
264Line 2The first rule should be F -> (E).
281Figure 13.1The caption is chopped off at the bottom. It should say "yield".
282Line 17Remove the space between “w” and “,”.
308First and third lines of Example 13.15The R in wwR should not be italicized (but it is correct to be a superscript).
310Problem 1.t.The last two *’s are superscripted. They shouldn’t be.
312Problem 12.a, second lineChange "regular (but not context free), context free or neither" to "regular, context-free (but not regular) or neither".
315Line -13“is O(n2^n)” should be “is O(ng^2n)”.
319Line -12“string could have been pumped” should be “characters could have been pumped”.
354First chartGet rid of the top row (labeled 4).
355 Second chartAdd "V, N" above the caption "saw" (as in the chart above it).
356Second chartSecond row (counting down from the top): Move VP to the right so it aligns with VP on row 6. Third row: Move NP to the right so it aligns with NP on row 5. Fourth row: Move ProperNoun to the right so it aligns with NP on row 5.
380Example 17.11: Diagram of machine CDelete the blank that occurs immediately after writing x the first time. So after writing x, the code is: L to a blank, L to a blank, write x, loop back.
386Part (b) of Figure 17.3Row 3, last separated column: Put a blank in the empty square.
389Tree in Figure 17.4Label on root of tree: the "S" should be "s".
402Line 3 of the second tableIn column 2, change "q10” to "h10".
402Last line of Example 17.20Change "q10” to "h10".
419Line 20, step 1.1Remove space between w and period.
438Proof of Theorem 20.3Change "(by Theorem 2.2)" to "(by Theorem 2.3)".
443Proof of Theorem 20.9Add special case in which L is finite.
454Line 2Change “Section 21.2” to “Section 21.6”.
455Last four lines of step 3 of algorithmChange five instances of "x" to "s"
459Last line of dovetailing table in middle of page Fill in the first empty column with b [4]. Then shift the rightmost three columns one to the left.
460First lineChange element-of symbol to not-element-of symbol.
465Second bullet in proofChange “H: does not halt …” to “H: M does not halt …”.
468Line -11Change "machhnes" to "machines".
468Line -6Change "Riae's Theorem" to "Rice's Theorem".
475Title of Theorem 21.14In "Is M …", italicize "M".
479Line 81.2. should be 1.1.
480-1Continuation of Theorem 21.18Continue the margin rule that marks theorems all the way to just before the Section 21.6.3 heading.
483Exercise 1.n."{a*}" should be "a*".
485Exercise 18"doubly reducible" should be bold italic.
490Example 22.2, first row of the tree, rightmost branch There should be three x’s, so add one under the first 0/1 column.
491Last line of definition of M_PCPShould say, "halt and accept".
533Line -3Change “G does almost of its work …” to “G does almost all of its work …”.
542TM description in middle of pageChange two instance of L to q to L to blank.
542Line 20Insert [ before CATEGORY NP.
564TM description in middle of pageChange two instance of L to q to L to blank.
627Line -2Change “It should now by obvious” to “It should now be obvious”.
629Tree in Example 28.1The line between 1 and 5 should not be in bold.
631FootnoteChange Corman to Cormen.
648Line 10Change "is likely to exit" to "is likely to exist".
664Line 5 of proofChange "<G, k>" to "<G>" and change "<G, k, c>" to "<G, c>".
675Line 13Change "no repeated edges" to "no repeated vertices".
733Line -15Get rid of word to before the quoted expression "to find".
742Line -7Change Corman to Cormen.
743Line 9Change Corman to Cormen.
746First line of Table A.1Change first instance of P "and symbol" Q to P "or symbol" Q.
765Last lineChange “symmetric” to “transitive”.
782Title of Example A.17The n in n-squared should not be bold.
784Title of Example A.19Change "Tolens" to "Tollens".
785Line 2The first i on the line should not be subscripted.
842Step 2 of the algorithmChange "whose left-hand sides" to "whose left-hand side".
853Line 3Insert } after ).
853Line -14Insert "the" to produce "string that is the yield …"
855Line -4Insert space after bullet.
874Line 9Nuke subscript 1 after f.
921Figure I.5In the Receiver diagram, remove the unlabeled arc that goes from Replying to Active.
955Line 12Change "<M, w>" to "<M>". Change "halt on w" to "halt on epsilon". (Use the symbol for epsilon.)
986Last bullet itemChange "Regular grammars to not ..." to "Regular grammars do not ...".
1009Line 5Delete the ) immediately to the left of the implication arrow.
1016Line -9 and -11Insert a period after each statement (before the /* part), as in Line -12.
1056Line -2“orlog” should be “orloj”.
1075Line -3Change Corman to Cormen.
1088middle of second columnChange Corman to Cormen.
back coverLine 7 after title“theproblem” should be “the problem”.