my CV...(updated April 2018)

Before coming to the wonderful city of Austin, I did my B.Sc in CS and music composition (double major program) and my M.Sc in CS (under the supervision of the great Prof. Benny Chor).

When I am not working on my PhD research, I am also a member of the UT Austin Villa Standard Platform League Team.

I also happen to be an active musician. You can check out some of my various (non-classical) endeavors in these links:

       first band I
       first band II
       first band III
       various sketches, 2005-2008, VERY low-fi
       second band I (in Hebrew)
       second band II (in Hebrew)
       second band III (still in Hebrew)
       A really cool side project I
       A really cool side project II
       New solo material (in Hebrew)

      I'll set up links to some of my more classical-oriented compositions soon (...read "eventually").