Işıl Dillig

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Assistant Professor
of Computer Science
University of Texas, Austin


E-mail: isil@cs.utexas.edu

GDC 5.726
2317 Speedway, M/S D9500
The University of Texas
Austin, TX 78712-0233

Phone number: 512-471-9794

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I am an assistant professor at the computer science department of the University of Texas at Austin. My main research interests are program analysis and verification, formal methods, and automated logical reasoning. The overarching goal of my research is to make software systems more reliable, secure, and easier to build in a robust way.

I obtained all my degrees (BS, MS, PhD) at Stanford University , where my PhD advisor was Alex Aiken . Prior to joining UT Austin, I worked as a researcher at Microsoft Research Cambridge (2013-2014) and as an assistant professor at the College of William & Mary (2012-2013).

What's New

My main research interests are static program analysis/verification and automated logical reasoning. I am interested in developing tools and novel techniques to make software systems more secure and reliable. In particular, my research focuses on automatically proving the absence of certain classes of errors (such as memory safety errors, assertion failures, etc.) in software.

More specifically, my research on static analysis tackles the challenge of designing algorithms that are both sound (i.e., never miss any potential program errors) as well as precise (i.e., do not report a lot of false alarms) and scalable (i.e., work on large programs). Towards this goal, I have worked on a variety of topics including pointer and data structure analysis, loop invariant generation, path-sensitive analysis, and compositional reasoning. On the automated logical reasoning side, I have worked on decision procedures for logical satisfiability, constraint simplification, and abductive inference. I am also interested in program synthesis, applications of static analysis in security, and program optimization techniques.

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I am originally from Istanbul, Turkey. I am married to Thomas Dillig, who is also a faculty member at the UT Austin CS department. Outside of work, I enjoy hiking, scuba diving, and photography. I often post my pictures here .

How To Pronounce My Name

My first name is pronounced as "Ishil" rather than "Isil".