I’m a Computer Science PhD student at UT Austin, advised by Etienne Vouga. Most recently I have been exploring the wild world of geometry processing, designing algorithms to study questions in computer graphics and computational fabrication. Prior to graduate school I designed and fabricated a circuit board which turned a widely avaliable lighting element into a touch sensor. Much of my time in graduate school has been spent studying questions in computational fabrication, including problems like, "How might one weave a bunny out of straight ribbons?", and "What shapes can one build out of squishy legos?".


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Mint: Finding Frame Fields with Discretely Integrable Moments

In preperation.

We implement a novel discrete integrability operator for symmetric frame fields.

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Octahedral Frames for Feature-Aligned Cross-Fields

Paul Zhang, Josh Vekhter, Edward Chien, David Bommes, Etienne Vouga, Justin Solomon

ACM Trans. on Graph. (2020)

We study the design of cross fields on surfaces using spherical harmonic representations.

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Weaving Geodesic Foliations

Joshua Vekhter, Jiacheng Zhuo, Luisa F Gil Fandino, Qixing Huang and Etienne Vouga

ACM Trans. on Graph. (2019)

We develop an end-to-end computational basket weaving pipeline.

PDF Slides IMA Presentation Ribbon Sim Field Design Tool


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Whoa Board

Joshua Vekhter

ACM SIGGRAPH 2017 Studio (SIGGRAPH '17).

A circuit board for making Electro-Luminescent Materials touch sensitive

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minimal surfaces

Summer Geometry Institute 2021

Mentoring Undergraduates interested in Geometry Processing Research from Underrepresented Backgrounds

Nonmanifold Minimal Surfaces
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HCSSiM 2016

Led of Class of High School Students Exploring Physics Simulation


Masters Admissions Committee 2020

Together with several other students, proposed an overhaul of the UT CS department Masters Admissions Criteria with the aim of making the graduate admissions pipeline more inclusive.

Graduate Student Admissions Committee 2017-2019

Helped organize the admitted students weekend