I’m a Computer Science PhD student at UT Austin, advised by Etienne Vouga. Most recently I have been exploring the wild world of geometry processing, designing algorithms to study questions in computer graphics and computational fabrication. Some recently considered questions include: "How could a computer help weave a basket" and "Can a light bulb feel your touch". Your tax dollars at work folks!


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Weaving Geodesic Foliations

Joshua Vekhter, Jiacheng Zhuo, Luisa F Gil Fandino, Qixing Huang and Etienne Vouga

ACM Trans. on Graph. (2019)

We develop an end-to-end computational basket weaving pipeline.

PDF Slides IMA Presentation Ribbon Sim Field Design Tool (coming soon)


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Whoa Board

Joshua Vekhter

ACM SIGGRAPH 2017 Studio (SIGGRAPH '17).

A circuit board for making Electro-Luminescent Materials touch sensitive

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Let's Get Lost

Joshua Vekhter

Interactive Explorations with Springs and Sproings

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