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Austin Facts

Capital city of the State of Texas

Located 75 mi northwest of San Antonio

Population (within city limits): 710 k people (2006)

Area: 250 mi2

Fourth largest city in Texas

Austin-San Marcos metropolitan area population: 1.3 M people

Economic bases:

  1. Government, and university education (specifically, the state agencies that come with being the capital city, and, of course, The University of Texas)
  2. High-tech manufacturing (particularly chip manufacturing — Austin has a dozen or so semiconductor "fabs")
  3. Software and information services

Famous for:


Source: U.S. National Weather Service 1971-2000 Daily Climate Normals for Austin City
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Annual
Avg. daily high 60.3 65.1 72.5 78.9 84.8 90.9 95.0 95.6 90.1 81.4 70.1 62.3 78.9
Avg. daily low 40.0 44.0 50.9 57.6 65.4 71.1 73.4 73.3 68.8 59.8 49.3 41.9 58.0
Average rainfall 1.89 1.99 2.14 2.51 5.03 3.81 1.97 2.31 2.91 3.97 2.68 2.44 33.65

On average, it snows one day every 2.3 years in Austin.

U.S. National Weather Service Austin Climate Narrative

Flying to Austin

IATA airport code: AUS, ICAO airport code: KAUS

Airlines serving AUS:

The airport is convenient to town, new, not giant, but big enough to get you most places conveniently. The Austin Convention & Visitors Bureau answers the question "How far is it from the airport to downtown?" with "It’s a mere seven and a half miles, less than 15 minutes drive time (or about four songs’ worth)."

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