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Teaching Activities at UT

Assistant Instructor, Computer Science 105: PHP/SQL, Spring 2014 & Fall 2014 & Fall 2015 & Spring 2016.
A Web application development short course, covering PHP, SQL, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Design and implement Web applications on top of the common “LAMP”-style Web app platform (Linux-Apache httpd-MySQL-PHP).

Graduate Teaching Assistant, Computer Science 386L: Programming Languages, Spring 2015.
Topics include formal syntax representations, program correctness, typing, and data abstraction. Features and problems in languages that allow parallelism. Exploration of different programming styles, such as imperative, functional, logic, data flow, and object-oriented programming.

Graduate Teaching Assistant, Computer Science 347: Data Management, Spring & Summer 2013.
Concepts of database design and database system implementation. Data models, query processing, database design theory, crash recovery, concurrent control, and distributed databases.

Graduate Teaching Assistant, Computer Science 380D: Distributed Computing I, Spring 2013.
Models of distributed systems; language issues, proving properties of distributed systems; time, clocks, partial ordering of events; deadlock and termination detection; diffusing computations; computing in hostile environments; distributed resource management.

Graduate Teaching Assistant, Computer Science 314: Data Structures, Fall 2012 & Summer 2014.
Second part of a two-part sequence in Java programming. Introduction to specifications, simple unit testing, and debugging; building and using canonical data structures; algorithm analysis and reasoning techniques such as assertions and invariants.

Teaching Development Activities at UT

Computer Science 398T: Supervised Teaching in Computer Science [Seminar], Fall 2008.

Attended UT short courses in pedagogy:

Previous Teaching Activities

Taught computing professionals on a variety of subjects, including:

Tutored undergraduate students in computer science

FAA-certified flight instructor

Formally developed several courses, for example:

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