HLT/EMNLP 2005 Call for Demos

Human Language Technology Conference
Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing

October 6-8, 2005
Vancouver, B.C., Canada

The submission deadline has already passed. Click here for the list of accepted demos.

The HLT/EMNLP 2005 Program Committee invites proposals for the Demonstrations Program. This program is aimed at offering first-hand experience with new systems, providing opportunities to exchange ideas gained from creating systems, and collecting feedback from expert users. It is primarily to encourage the early exhibition of research prototypes, but interesting mature systems are also eligible. Submission of a demonstration proposal on a particular topic does not preclude or require a separate submission of a paper on that topic; it is possible that some but not all of the demonstrations will illustrate concepts that are described in companion papers.

Commercial sales and marketing activities are not appropriate in the demonstrations program, and should be arranged as part of the HLT/EMNLP 2005 Exhibit Program. However, this year, we are introducing a way for companies to sponsor the demonstration program by way of demonstration awards. Interested companies or organizations that wish to make an award for the best demonstration, or that which is most relevant to their roadmap, should contact their demo area chair for more details.

Demo Co-Chairs

Donna Byron, Ohio State University

Anand Venkataraman, SRI International

Dell Zhang, National University of Singapore

Areas of Interest

We encourage the submission of proposals for demonstrations of software and hardware related to all areas of computational linguistics: Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Information Retrieval (IR), etc. Areas of interest include, but are not limited to, natural language speech and text systems for:

Please be referred to the HLT/EMNLP 2005 CFP for a more detailed but not exhausted list of relevant topics.

Important Dates
Submission deadline (past) June 21, 2005, 11:59 p.m. PDT
Notification of acceptance August 3, 2005
Submission of final demo related literature August 12, 2005
Conference October 6-8, 2005

A demo proposal should consist of the following parts:

Demo abstracts must be submitted electronically in either Postscript (PS) or Portable Document Format (PDF). They should follow the same format as the main conference papers. Authors are encouraged to use the style files provided on the HLT/EMNLP 2005 website. We strongly prefer submissions in PS format. It is the responsibility of the authors to ensure that their proposals use no unusual format features and can be printed on a standard Postscript printer.

Demo requirement descriptions and script outlines can be in one of the following formats: PS, PDF, Plain Text, HTML, Microsoft Word or PowerPoint.


Demo proposals should be submitted electronically to the demo co-chairs at demos-hlt-emnlp05@speech.sri.com.


Demo proposals will be evaluated on the basis of their relevance to the conference, innovation, scientific contribution, presentation, and user friendliness, as well as potential logistical constraints.


The accepted demo abstracts will be published in the conference booklet, and probably in the online Proceedings of the HLT/EMNLP 2005 Demonstrations as well.

Further Details

Further details on the timing and format for the demonstration sessions will be determined and provided at a later date. Please send any inquiries to the demo co-chairs at demos-hlt-emnlp05@speech.sri.com.

Please check http://www.cs.utexas.edu/~ml/HLT-EMNLP05/cfd.html for latest updates.