Natural Language Learning

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Fall 2020


Summer 2020

August 20, "Evaluating Explainable AI: Which Algorithmic Explanations Help Users Predict Model Behavior?", Hase and Bansal 2020.[PDF]

August 13, "Latent Compositional Representations Improve Systematic Generalization in Grounded Question Answering", Bogin et al. 2020.[PDF]

August 8, "An Empirical Study on Robustness to Spurious Correlations using Pre-trained Language Models", Tu et al. 2020.[PDF]

July 30, "Beyond Accuracy: Behavioral Testing of NLP Models with CheckList", Ribeiro et al. 2020.[PDF]

July 23, "To Test Machine Comprehension, Start by Defining Comprehension", Dunietz et al. 2020.[PDF]

July 16, "Conversational Neuro-Symbolic Commonsense Reasoning", Arabshahi et al. 2020.[PDF]

July 2, "Code and Named Entity Recognition in StackOverflow", Tabassum et al. 2020.[PDF]

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