Natural Language Learning

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Spring 2017 Meeting Time & Place

Fri, March 24, 10 am, GDC 3.516, " Probabilistic Modeling of Discourse-Aware Sentence Processing", Dubey, Amit, Frank Keller, and Patrick Sturt. 2013.[PDF]

Fri, March 3, 10am, GDC 3.516, "Language to Logical Form with Neural Attention", Li Dong and Mirella Lapata. ACL 2016.[PDF]

Fri, Feb 17, 10am, GDC 3.516, "The Instantiation Discourse Relation: A Corpus Analysis of Its Properties and Improved Detection", Jessy Li and Ani Nenkova.[PDF]

Fri, Feb 3, 10am, GDC 3.516, "Thematic fit evaluation: an aspect of selectional preferences", Asad Sayeed, Clayton Greenberg, and Vera Demberg. 2016.[PDF]

Fri, Jan 20, 10am, GDC 3.516, "What Do Recurrent Neural Network Grammars Learn About Syntax?", Kuncoro et. al.[PDF].

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