Current Research

Coming soon. In general, I'm interested in improving microarchitectural prediction and in ISA design in the face of modern performance, programmability, and security challenges.

Past Projects

Characterization of Irregular GPU Kernels

My master's thesis project investigated the performance behavior of irregular graph-based GPGPU benchmarks via cycle-level simulation and analyzed the impact of microarchitectural design tradeoffs.

[ Publications: Thesis'15, IISWC'14 ]

Parallel Traveling Salesman (TSP)

This project parallelized a random-restart iterative hill-climbing TSP solver for CUDA GPUs.

[ Publications: GPGPU'15, PDPTA'11 ]

GPU Lossless Data Compression

This project implemented a lossless compressor and decompressor for double-precision floating point data in CUDA, capable of compressing at 75 Gb/s.

[ Publication: GPGPU'11 ]



GFC is a GPU-based compressor/decompressor written in CUDA C for binary IEEE 754 double-precision floating-point data.

Code: GFC


TSPGPU is a CUDA heuristic solver for the symmetric Traveling Salesman Problem based on iterative hill climbing with 2-opt local search.