Current Research

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Past Projects

Characterization of Irregular GPU Kernels

My master's thesis project investigated the performance behavior of irregular graph-based GPGPU benchmarks via cycle-level simulation and analyzed the impact of microarchitectural design tradeoffs.

[ Publications: Thesis'15, IISWC'14 ]

Parallel Traveling Salesman (TSP)

This project parallelized a random-restart iterative hill-climbing TSP solver for CUDA GPUs.

[ Publications: GPGPU'15, PDPTA'11 ]

GPU Lossless Data Compression

This project implemented a lossless compressor and decompressor for double-precision floating point data in CUDA, capable of compressing at 75 Gb/s.

[ Publication: GPGPU'11 ]



GFC is a GPU-based compressor/decompressor written in CUDA C for binary IEEE 754 double-precision floating-point data.

Code: GFC


TSPGPU is a CUDA heuristic solver for the symmetric Traveling Salesman Problem based on iterative hill climbing with 2-opt local search.