"Science, as well as technology, will in the near and the farther future increasingly turn from problems of intensity, substance, and energy, to problems of structure, organization, information, and control."

My name is Yingting Cao. I am an international Student from Shanghai, China. Nicole is the name I choose for myself before I came to study in United States. I graduated from a high school in Arlington, TX. I've had a love of science since childhood but also the visuals arts, I do painting, drawing, game designing during my leisure time (check out my art gallary here!) . As such, I am currently pursuing a B.S. in Computer Science and following a pre-med curriculum. I have taken courses in Intro to programming, data structures, discrete math, probability, Intro biology, organic chemisty I, and other computer science and pre med courses.

To be honest, Computer Science isn't my first choice back when I was in high school. I have always aimed to become a neurologist since I was young. However, I completely fell in love with CS after the first programming class in UT Austin. I hope to learn more about topics like machine learning, natural language processing, and operating systems - their innovative and empirical strategies will inspire me with new insights in medical studies and would enhance creative endeavors to solve complex problems in real life. I believe with the knowledge of efficient computations will bring systemwide improvements to tech industry and medical field. I am excited for what the future holds and I am always willing to take up a new challenge.


  • C, C++, python Currently learning.
  • Java Proficient.
  • Chinese, English Proficient.
  • Graphic Design Familiar using Photoshop.
  • Digital Art Proficient in using procreate and SAI.

Classes Have Taken

- CS 312 - Intro to Programming
- CS 314 - Data Structure
- CS 311 - Discrete Mathematics
- M 408D Honors - Sequences and Multivariable Calculus
- M 362K - Probability I
- BIO 311C - Introduction to Biology I
- BIO 206L - BIO 206L: Introduction to Biology Experiment
- CH 320M - Organic Chemistry I