CS 381K: Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) studies the computations required for intelligent behavior and attempts to duplicate such computations using computers. Intelligence connects perception of the environment to action appropriate to achieve the goals of the actor.

This course surveys major topics of AI, including Search, Logic and Knowledge Representation, and Natural Language Processing, with brief coverage of the Brain and Machine Vision.

How to Turn In Your Programs:

Put all your program files in a directory, myname-asgi, where myname is the concatenation of your last and first names (e.g. doe-john) and i is the assignment number: 1, 2, ...
turnin --submit yulinli 381k myname-asgi


Lecture notes by Contents or Index


Programming Assignments in Lisp reinforce the class material and give the student practice in using AI techniques so solve small but interesting problems.

Lisp Style and Efficiency     Paul Graham on Lisp

Program File Descriptions     FTP directory for Program Files

Midterm Study Guide     Alpha-Beta Search Exercise     Alpha-Beta Search Exercise Solution

Final Exam Study Guide     Alpha-Beta Search Problems     Alpha-Beta Search Answers

Unification Problems     Unification Problem Solutions

Predicate Calculus Story Problems     Solutions to Selected Story Problems     Hints for Solving Story Problems

Notes and Bibliography on the Human Brain

A.I. Laboratories and Links

Natural Language Question Answering

Gordon S. Novak Jr.