Computational Reflection in Executions of Knowledge Level Models

Ruey-Juin Chang and Gordon S. Novak Jr.
Department of Computer Sciences
University of Texas, Austin, TX 78712

Copyright © 1991 by ACM.

This article appears in Proc. 1991 OOPSLA Workshop on Reflection and Metalevel Architectures in Object-Oriented Programming, Phoenix, AZ, Oct. 1991.


A new type of object-oriented components, called reflectors, is presented for making knowledge level models executable. From a knowledge level perspective, a problem-solving process is viewed as a modeling activity through explicit representation knowledge level models. Certain useful models are currently identified such as task structures and problem-solving methods. However, the critical issue is how to turn a knowledge level description of an application into a working system. The paper describes how to use a computational reflection scheme for the executions of those higher level models.