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Peter Stone's Robot Soccer Page

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Aside from being a lot of fun, robot soccer is a great domain for studying several artificial intelligence issues, including multiagent systems, machine learning, and real-time planning. I am using this domain as a testbed for my research on multiagent systems and machine learning. For details, see my papers page.

I am the founder and leader of the 2-time world champion UT Austin Villa Robocup teams.

I was also a co-founder of the 4-time world champion CMUnited robot soccer team. Much of my Ph.D. research was applied to the CMUnited simulator team.

I also created the ATTUnited-2001 and United-2002 simulation RoboCup teams.

I have used the domain extensively in several of the courses I have taught.

  • RoboCup

  • Selected Leagues
  • Simulation league
  • The Soccer Server System used at Robocup
  • Binaries from 2007 and 2008
  • The Physical Visualization Sub-League using Eco-Be robots
  • Interface for human players
  • robomon
  • Team repository
  • Library archive
  • The official 4-Legged league page.
  • RoboCup@Home
  • Humanoid league
  • Small-size (F180) league
  • RoboCup Jr
  • Competitions/Conferences
  • RoboCup-2009 (Graz)
  • RoboCup-2008 (Suzhou)
  • RoboCup-2007 (Atlanta)
  • RoboCup-2006 (Bremen)
  • RoboCup-2005 (Osaka)
  • Simulation league
  • SSIL qualification
  • RoboCup-2004 (Lisbon)
  • simulation league; results.
  • US Open 2004
  • simulation leagues
  • RoboCup-2003 (Padua)
  • simulation league.
  • American Open 2003
  • RoboCup-2002 (Fukuoka/Pusan)
  • Simulator league
  • Small-size league
  • Mid-size league
  • RoboCup-2001 (Seattle)
  • RoboCup US committee
  • RoboCup Special Interest Group (SIG) on Multiagent Learning
  • MiroSot

  • Peter Stone
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