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CS 345 - Programming Languages (52470)

Fall 2010


In-class tests

Late submission policy

Each take-home assignment is due at the beginning of class on the due date. All late submissions will be subject to the following policy.

You start the semester with a credit of 3 late days. For the purpose of counting late days, a "day" is 24 hours starting at 2pm on the assignment's due date. Partial days are rounded up to the next full day. You are free to divide your late days among the take-home assignments any way you want: submit 3 assignments 1 day late, submit one assignment 3 days late, etc. After your 3 days are used up, no late submissions will be accepted and you will automatically receive 0 points for each late assignment.

You may submit late assignments to Vitaly Shmatikov (CSA 1.114 -- slide under the door if the office is locked) or to any of the TAs. When submitting a late assignment, please indicate how many late days you are using.