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to Fredericksburg (12-07-12)

to Stinson (11-17-12)

to Calhoun County (10-27-12)

to Brenham and Huntsville (10-07-12)

to Lane Airpark and skeet shoot (04-28-12)

Fault Line Flyers (04-14-12)

around Maui (03-15-12)

to San Marcos (02-25-12)

to Old Kingsbury (11-12-11)

to Mustang Beach (10-23-11)

to Critter's Lodge (10-01-11)

Central Texas Airshow (05-08-11)

to Lancaster (06-19-10)

Seaplane at Hooks (03-27-10)

to Houston Hobby (02-27-10)
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