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bignum Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 bignum (const bignum &other)
 bignum (long int i)
 bignum (string &s)
 bignum (const mpz_t &i)
const bignumoperator= (const bignum &other)
bignum abs ()
bool fits_long_int ()
long int to_int ()
double to_double ()
double divide (bignum &other)
bool divisible (bignum &other)
bignum compute_gcd (const bignum &other)
bignum compute_lcm (const bignum &other)
bignum compute_xgcd (bignum &other, bignum &p, bignum &q)
void operator*= (bignum &o1)
bignum operator* (bignum o1)
bignum operator% (bignum o1)
bignum operator/ (bignum o1)
bignum divexact (bignum &o1)
void operator/= (bignum &o1)
void operator+= (bignum o1)
bignum operator+ (bignum o1)
bignum operator- (bignum o1)
bignum operator- ()
void operator-= (bignum o1)
bool operator!= (const bignum other)
bool operator!= (long int other)
bool operator== (const bignum &other)
bool operator== (long int i)
bool operator< (const bignum &other) const
bool operator< (long int i)
bool operator<= (const bignum &other)
bool operator<= (long int i)
bool operator> (const bignum &other)
bool operator> (long int i)
bool operator>= (const bignum &other)
bool operator>= (long int i)
string to_string ()

Static Public Member Functions

static bool m_overflow (long int c, long int e)
static bool a_overflow (long int a, long int b)
static long int compute_int_gcd (long int _a, long int _b)

Public Attributes

data_type data
bool infinite


ostream & operator<< (ostream &os, const bignum &obj)

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