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vec< T > Class Template Reference

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Public Types

typedef int Key
typedef T Datum

Public Member Functions

 vec (int size)
 vec (int size, const T &pad)
 vec (T *array, int size)
T * release (void)
 operator T * (void)
 operator const T * (void) const
int size (void) const
void shrink (int nelems)
void shrink_ (int nelems)
void pop (void)
void growTo (int size)
void growTo (int size, const T &pad)
void clear (bool dealloc=false)
void capacity (int size)
void push (void)
void push (const T &elem)
void push_ (const T &elem)
const T & last (void) const
T & last (void)
const T & operator[] (int index) const
T & operator[] (int index)
void copyTo (vec< T > &copy) const
void moveTo (vec< T > &dest)

template<class T>
class vec< T >

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