Hello There!

I'm a Ph.D student in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Texas at Austin. Since that's a mouthful to say, we usually just shorten it to "UTCS". I'm being advised by Professor Etienne Vouga.

Broadly, my interests are in using computational tools to compute physical quantities of microscopic systems. Right now, I'm working on how to use compression techniques to compute the entropy of macromolecular systems, a technique pioneered at Tel Aviv just a few years ago.

My background is in the physical sciences (my Bachelor's is in chemistry), so I've worked on a large variety of projects in the past, ranging from trying to understand how encapsulation in polymers affects the surface chemistry of nanoparticles to accelerating machine learning algorithms to learn what a tree looks like from satelite imaging. If you're curious about getting into computer science from another field, feel free to drop me a line!