CS 378: Virtualization

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Thu, 31 Aug 17Introduction to the class Notes 
Tue, 5 Sep 17Introducing Virtual Machines Notes 
Thu, 7 Sep 17Full and Para Virtualization NotesAssignment 1 released.
Tue, 12 Sep 17Virtualizing Memory in VMs Notes 
Thu, 14 Sep 17Virtualizing IO in VMs Notes 
Tue, 19 Sep 17Virtualizing IO in VMs (Part 2) Notes 
Thu, 21 Sep 17Review + Virtualizing Storage in VMs NotesAssignment 1 DUE! Assignment 2 Released.
Tue, 26 Sep 17Guest lecture by Wes Felter, previously IBM Researchhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/wes-felter-bb185a140/  
Thu, 28 Sep 17Virtualizing Storage + Nested Virtualization Notes 
Tue, 3 Oct 17Security in VMs NotesAssignment 2 DUE (Oct 4th)! Project 1 Released.
Thu, 5 Oct 17Guest lecture by Mike Hall, VMwarehttps://www.linkedin.com/in/mike-hall-1a4472/  
Tue, 10 Oct 17KVM Deep-Divehttps://www.linux-kvm.org/page/Main_PageNotes 
Thu, 12 Oct 17Review Notes 
Tue, 17 Oct 17Midterm   
Thu, 19 Oct 17Introducing Containers Notes 
Tue, 24 Oct 17Kernel Namespaces and Cgroups  Notes 
Thu, 26 Oct 17Guest lecture by Lee Calcote, SolarWinds https://www.linkedin.com/in/leecalcote/  
Tue, 31 Oct 17No class - SOSP 2017   
Thu, 2 Nov 17No class - SOSP 2017  Project 1 Due Nov 3!
Tue, 7 Nov 17 SOSP Highlights : My VM is Lighter (and Safer) than your Container Paper Notes 
Thu, 9 Nov 17Cgroups, SELinux, and co. Notes 
Tue, 14 Nov 17Docker (continued) and Swarmhttps://github.com/docker/swarm Notes 
Thu, 16 Nov 17Kubernetes + Reviewhttps://github.com/kubernetes/kubernetesNotes 
Tue, 21 Nov 17Midterm   
Thu, 23 Nov 17Thanksgiving Holiday   
Tue, 28 Nov 17ServerlessNotes 
Thu, 30 Nov 17UnikernelsNotes 
Tue, 5 Dec 17Project Presentation   
Thu, 7 Dec 17Project Presentation