Texas Action Group

Texas Action Group (TAG) is a group of researchers interested in the study of formal and automated reasoning about the effects of actions using action languages and logic programming under the answer set semantics. It is led by Michael Gelfond (Texas Tech University) and Vladimir Lifschitz (University of Texas at Austin). Originally TAG was created for the benefit of students studying in Texas, but now it includes many participants from other parts of the world.

TAG members communicate with TAG by sending e-mails to tag@cs.utexas.edu.

Members of Texas Action Group
at the Fifth International Conference
on Logic Programming and Nonmonotonic Reasoning
(El Paso, Texas, December 1999)

If you would like to join TAG, send a request to Vladimir Lifschitz (vl@cs.utexas.edu). Then your name and e-mail address will be added to the


along with a link to your home page if your message includes the URL.

Technical discussions

Seminars on Answer Set Programming