Texas Action Group: Technical Discussions

Using ASP for Game Playing

The French Toast Problem

Gringo Understands Lukasiewicz's Theorem

Declarative vs. Imperative Programming


Front Ends for SAT Solvers

Defaults Involving Functions

Tape Coloring

Choice Rules and the Belief-Based View of ASP

Do We Need Existential Quantifiers in Logic Programming?

Sudoku-Like Puzzles

Medium Size ASP Programs

Expressing "More" in Answer Set Programming

Variables in Answer Set Programming

Are We Doing the Right Thing?

Semantics of Aggregates

Fight for a Snack

Choosing a Place for Dinner

Sam's Calculus

Action Languages and Elaboration Tolerance

Romeo and Juliet

Planning with Continuous Time

J Moore's Problem

Seating Arrangements

Programming Methodology

Problem 51

Wire Routing

Digital Circuits

Doing Time


Missionaries and Cannibals

The Credit Card Domain

The Monkey and the Trainer

Applications of Logic Programming to Planning

The Volkswagen Domain

The Shuttle Domain

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