UT WiCS Hacks 2023

February 4 - February 5, 2023 @ UT Austin


Women in Computer Science is excited to announce that our seventh annual hackathon will be on February 4th and 5th! We will have both beginner and intermediate technical workshops in the days leading up to the hackathon and a 24-hour hackathon starting on Saturday! We’ll also have various company talks and time for you to meet our sponsors. WiCS Hacks is open to ALL women and non-binary students in any major. All skill levels are welcome and we are beginner-friendly! At WiCS Hacks, you'll be able to learn new skills, practice problem-solving, create products and services solving real-world problems, and meet company sponsors and engineers in industry!



Monday, January 30th

WiCS x ACM - How to Hackathon?

Join WiCS and ACM to learn the basics of how to hackathon! If this is your first hackathon or you’d like some help getting started/navigating WiCS Hacks, this is for you!

When & Where: Monday, January 30th @ 5-6 PM || GDC 5.302

Food + points + swag: 10 points + pizza + prizes

Tuesday, January 31st

WiCS x TPEO - Intro to Web Development

Curious about how to build your first website? Wondering how to make it look on the front end or where to store a website on the back end? Then this event is for you! WiCS is partnering with TPEO to teach you the skills that you need to create your dream website or project!

When & Where: Tuesday, January 31st @ 5-6 PM || GDC 4.304

Food + points + swag: 10 points + Tiff’s Treats + prizes

Wednesday, February 1st

WiCS x GWC - Mobile Development + React

Come join WiCS and Girls Who Code on an introduction to mobile development and React! Learn how to navigate creating apps and coding user interfaces with React!

When & Where: Wednesday, February 1st @ 5-6 PM || GDC 5.302

Food + points + swag: 10 points + pizza + prizes

Thursday, February 2nd

WiCS - Backend + Intro to Git

Want to learn more about backend web development? Curious about how to navigate GitHub? Come join us at this workshop to sharpen your skills (or learn something new)!

When & Where: Thursday, February 2nd @ 5-6:30 PM || GDC 4.304

Food + points + swag: 10 points + Tiff’s Treats + prizes


Q: When is WiCS Hacks?

A: February 4 - February 5, 2023!

Q: Who can attend?

A: All women and non-binary students above the age of 18 (including high school students!) are welcome to attend!

Q: Where will WiCS Hacks be held?

A: WiCS Hacks will be hosted in-person in the UT Austin Gates Dell Complex!

Q: Do I have to attend both days of the hackathon or any particular workshops?

A: Nope! You aren't required to attend both days, and it's up to you which workshops you want to go to. However, if you are submitting a project, you must be present in person for judging on Sunday.

Q: How much will this cost me?

A: Nothing! It's completely free! WiCS provides students with swag, virtual workspace, and prizes for all of our events!

Q: What projects can I work on?

A: Whatever you'd like. Software, hardware, design, music, art, animation — take your pick. We will reveal the prize categories at the start of the hackathon.

Q: How will teams work?

A: Teams should be groups of up to 4 students. You can also work alone, but we encourage collaborating with the other great minds at WiCS Hacks.

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