F.A.L.C.O.N. Fast And Lethal Component Observation Network

Detecting failures in distributed systems

What is Falcon?

Falcon is a fast and practical reliable failure detector. Falcon has three goals: to be fast (sub-second detection time in the common case), to be reliable (never report an alive process as down), and to be minimally disruptive.
Falcon achieves these three goals by deploying a network of spies across various layers of the system. Spies use inside information local to a layer to determine aliveness. In order to provide reliability, spies sometimes kill. However, to achieve minimal disruption, spies limit their use of lethal force. Here is an abstract view of Falcon:

The abstract architecture of Falcon

FALCON stands for Fast And Lethal Component Observation Network




This project is supported in part by AFOSR grant FA9550-10-1-0073 and NSF grants 1055057 and 1040083.

Source Code

If you would like to contribute to Falcon, you can check out our GitHub Falcon Project


leners at cs.utexas.edu