UT-Austin Computer Architecture Seminar Series

Spring 2004

Sponsored by:     ibm     intel     amd     sun

Funding for Spring 2004 provided by    sun

Location and time:

Presentation schedule:

Date Speaker Title Slides/Papers
Jan. 26
Lieven Eeckhout
Ghent University
Measuring Benchmark Similarity and its Applications
Feb. 2

Feb. 9
ACES 2.302
William J. Dally
Stanford University
Merrimac: A Streaming Supercomputer
Feb. 16

Feb. 23
Thomas Puzak & Phil Emma
Exploring the Limits of Prefetching
Mar. 1
Kevin Skadron
University of Virginia
Architecture-Level Thermal Management and Feedback Control: Challenges and Opportunities
Mar. 8
RLM 4.102
David Patterson
University of California, Berkeley
Latency Lags Bandwidth
Mar. 15
Spring Break
No Seminar

Mar. 22

Thursday, Mar. 25
2:30 PM
ACES 2.302
Olivier Temam
Southern Paris University
Exploring spatial computing and programming
Mar. 29

Apr. 5

Apr. 12

Apr. 19

Apr. 26
Mark Hill
University of Wisconsin, Madison
Designing Commercial Servers and Token Coherence
May 3
Sanjay Patel
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Transient Errors in High-Performance Microprocessors
Thursday, May 6
ACES 2.302

Mike Rosenfield
IBM, Austin Research Laboratory
2004 Global Technology Outlook (GTO)
Tuesday, May 18
Greg Ganger
Carnegie Mellon University
Self-* Storage
Wednesday, May 19
3:00 PM

Christos Kozyrakis
Stanford University
Transactional Coherence & Consistency

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This seminar series is organized jointly by the Departments of Computer Sciences and Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Texas at Austin.

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