LC-3 Simulator

Linux Platform

From any department Linux machine, you can assemble and run any LC-3 program. You can use your favorite editor (pico, vi, emacs) to write your assembly code. Then you can run the following commands from a terminal window:

The following documentation will help you get started with the LC-3:

Simulator Helpful Hints

Click here for some helpful hints regarding the LC-3 Linux simulator.

General Documentation

The assembly language manual, which appears in Appendix A of your textbook, describes the LC-3 ISA and other machine features.

Other Platforms

We strongly recommend that you use the installation of lc3db provided at the CS department's Unix labs. Other versions of the simulator do not implement all the features necessary for this course, and may exhibit different behavior from the simulator used for grading. If you like to live dangerously, however, you can install and run an LC-3 simulator on several other platforms.

Last modified: 03/12/2009 by Don Fussell