UT Programming Club


UT Programming Club is for UT students interested in participating in the International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC).

There's a also companion CS class: CS 104c: Competitive Programming.

UTCS Coaches

Name E-mail Location
Etienne Vouga ude.saxetu.sc@aguove GDC 5.508
Glenn Downing ude.saxetu.sc@gninwod GDC 6.308

ICPC Directors

Name E-mail Location
South Central USA Director:
Isaac Traxler
ude.usl@relxart LSU
North American Director:
Ali Orooji
ude.fcu.scee@ijooro University of Central Florida
Regional Contests Director:
Roy Andersson
es.htl.sc@nossredna.yor Lund University
Executive Director:
Bill Poucher
ude.rolyab@rehcuop_llib Baylor University

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