Package aim4.driver

This packages contains the driver model.


Interface Summary
AutoDriverCoordinatorView An autonomous driver's from the viewpoint of coordinators.
AutoDriverPilotView Autonomous driver from the viewpoint of pilots.
DriverSimView A driver from simulators' viewpoint.

Class Summary
AutoDriver An agent that drives a AutoVehicleDriverView while coordinating with IntersectionManagers and other Vehicles.
AutoV2VDriver An autonomous V2V driver.
CrashTestDummy A driver agent that only steers and changes lanes when appropriate.
Driver An agent that drives a AutoVehicleDriverView.
DriverUtil A utility class for drivers.
ProxyDriver A proxy driver.

Enum Summary
AutoV2VDriver.State Potential states that a CoordinatingDriverAgent can be in.

Package aim4.driver Description

This packages contains the driver model.

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