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Packages that use VehicleSpec
aim4.driver.navigator This package contains the implementation of the navigator, one of the three agents in the driver agent. This package contains the implementations of the map in the AIM4 simulator. 
aim4.msg.v2i This package contains the implementation of the V2I messages in the AIM protocol. 
aim4.vehicle This package contains the vehicle model in the simulator. 

Uses of VehicleSpec in aim4.driver.navigator

Constructors in aim4.driver.navigator with parameters of type VehicleSpec
BasicNavigator(VehicleSpec vehicleSpec, BasicMap basicMap)
          Construct a new Navigator for the given Vehicle specification.

Uses of VehicleSpec in

Methods in that return VehicleSpec
 VehicleSpec SpawnPoint.SpawnSpec.getVehicleSpec()
          Get the vehicle specification.

Constructors in with parameters of type VehicleSpec
SpawnPoint.SpawnSpec(double spawnTime, VehicleSpec vehicleSpec, Road destinationRoad)
          Create a spawn specification.

Uses of VehicleSpec in aim4.msg.v2i

Constructors in aim4.msg.v2i with parameters of type VehicleSpec
Request.VehicleSpecForRequestMsg(VehicleSpec vspec)
          Create a copy of a given vehicle specification for request message

Uses of VehicleSpec in aim4.vehicle

Fields in aim4.vehicle declared as VehicleSpec
protected  VehicleSpec BasicVehicle.spec
          The characteristics of the vehicle
protected  VehicleSpec BasicVehicle.NonAccelMovement.spec
          The specification of the vehicle
protected  VehicleSpec BasicVehicle.PhysicalMovement.spec
          The specification of the vehicle

Methods in aim4.vehicle that return VehicleSpec
 VehicleSpec VehicleDriverView.getSpec()
          Get the specification of the vehicle
 VehicleSpec BasicVehicle.getSpec()
          Get the specification of the vehicle
 VehicleSpec BasicVehicle.NonAccelMovement.getVehicleSpec()
          Get the vehicle specification.
static VehicleSpec VehicleSpecDatabase.getVehicleSpecById(int id)
          Get the vehicle specification.
static VehicleSpec VehicleSpecDatabase.getVehicleSpecByName(String name)
          Get the vehicle specification.
static VehicleSpec VinRegistry.getVehicleSpecFromVIN(int vin)
          Given a VIN, get the vehicle specification with that VIN.

Methods in aim4.vehicle with parameters of type VehicleSpec
 void VehicleSpec.assign(VehicleSpec spec)
          Update all values in this specification to the given specification.
static int VehicleSpecDatabase.getIdOfVehicleSpec(VehicleSpec spec)
          Get the id of the vehicle specification.
static double VehicleUtil.maxTurnVelocity(VehicleSpec spec, Lane arrivalLane, Lane departureLane, IntersectionManager im)
          Get the maximum velocity that this Vehicle should make the turn between lanes through an intersection.
static double VehicleUtil.maxVelocityToStopOverDistance(VehicleSpec spec, double distance)
          Calculate the maximum starting velocity for which the vehicle can stop within the given distance.
static void VehicleSpecDatabase.registerSpec(VehicleSpec spec)
          Register a vehicle specification.
static boolean VehicleSpecDatabase.replaceSpec(VehicleSpec spec)
          Place an registered vehicle spec with a new one.

Constructors in aim4.vehicle with parameters of type VehicleSpec
BasicAutoVehicle(VehicleSpec spec, Point2D pos, double heading, double steeringAngle, double velocity, double targetVelocity, double acceleration, double currentTime)
          Construct a vehicle
BasicVehicle.MoveToTargetVelocityMovement(VehicleSpec spec, Point2D position, double heading, double velocity, double steeringAngle, double acceleration, double targetVelocity)
          Create a move-to-target-velocity movement.
BasicVehicle.NonAccelMovement(VehicleSpec spec, Point2D position, double heading, double velocity)
          Create a non-acceleration movement.
BasicVehicle.SteeringMovement(VehicleSpec spec, Point2D position, double heading, double velocity, double steeringAngle)
          Create a steering movement.
BasicVehicle.TrackMovement(VehicleSpec spec, Point2D position, double heading, double velocity, TrackPosition trackPosition, BasicVehicle.MovementFactory baseMovementFactory)
          Create a track movement.
BasicVehicle(VehicleSpec spec, Point2D pos, double heading, double velocity, double steeringAngle, double acceleration, double targetVelocity, double currentTime)
          Construct a vehicle

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