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Unit 0.3.6 Matlab

We will use Matlab to create performance graphs for your various implementations of matrix-matrix multiplication.

There are a number of ways in which you can use Matlab:

  • Via MATLAB that is installed on the same computer as you will execute your performance experiments. This is usually called a "desktop installation of Matlab."

  • Via MATLAB Online. You will have to transfer files from the computer where you are performing your experiments to MATLAB Online. You could try to set up MATLAB Drive, which allows you to share files easily between computers and with MATLAB Online. Be warned that there may be a delay in when files show up, and as a result you may be using old data to plot if you aren't careful!

If you are using these materials as part of an offering of the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) titled "LAFF-On Programming for High Performance" on the edX platform, you will be given a temporary license to Matlab, courtesy of MathWorks.

You need relatively little familiarity with MATLAB in order to learn what we want you to learn in this course. So, you could just skip these tutorials altogether, and come back to them if you find you want to know more about MATLAB and its programming language (M-script).

Below you find a few short videos that introduce you to MATLAB. For a more comprehensive tutorial, you may want to visit MATLAB Tutorials at MathWorks and click "Launch Tutorial".

What is MATLAB?

Getting Started with MATLAB Online

MATLAB Variables

MATLAB as a Calculator

Managing Files with MATLAB Online