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Unit 0.3.5 Get a copy of the book

Remark 0.3.5.

We are still working on putting the mechanism in place by which you can obtain your own copy of the book. So, this section is merely a preview of what will become available in the future.

For now, you can access a PDF of these notes at Expect this PDF to be frequently updated.

By now, you will have experienced the electronic book we have authored with PreTeXt for this course. We host a copy of that book at so that you can use it, free of charge, either as part of the course on edX or independent of that.

We make the book available at to those who also want a copy local on their computer, in a number of formats:

  • As the online document, except now downloaded to your computer.

  • As a PDF that incorporates the solutions to all the homeworks embedded in the text.

  • As a more concise PDF that has all the homeworks, but not the solutions.

  • As a PDF that includes only the solutions.

IN THE FUTURE: By following the directions at, you can download a "ZIP" file. First clone the LAFF-On-PfHP repository as described earlier. Then unzip the "ZIP" file in the directory LAFF-On-PfHP it created, then you end up with the materials illustrated in Figure 0.3.6.

Figure 0.3.6. Directory structure for your basic LAFF-On-PfHP materials after unzipping from in the directory created by cloning the LAFF-On-PfHP repository. The materials you obtained by cloning are highlighted in red.
You will now have the material self-contained on your computer.

Remark 0.3.7.

For the online book to work properly, you will still have to be connected to the internet.