FMCAD 2014
Formal Methods in Computer-Aided Design
Lausanne, Switzerland
October 21-24, 2014

Conference Location

FMCAD, DIFTS, and MEMOCODE will be held at Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Reaching Lausanne and EPFL:

The recommended way to reach Lausanne is to fly to Geneva airport (GVA), then take train from the airport to Lausanne train station (Lausanne-Flon). For schedule and real-time information on trains, metros, and buses in Switzerland, please use the CFF (Swiss Federal Railways) Web Site.

Connection between Lausanne-Flon and EPFL campus is provided by Metro 1 and takes approximately 15 minutes (in case of interruption, there is a replacement bus service). Some more information on reaching EPFL can be found here.

Buying train tickets from Geneva to Lausanne: Ticket-dispensing machines take credit cards and have English as a language option. It should be fine to simply buy the tickets before your trip. If you buy tickets online in advance, the e-ticket is not changeable by the conductor. It just saves a bit of time if you try to catch the train.

Main Conference Room: CE 1515 (Salle Polyvalente)

To find CE1515, where FMCAD takes place, it may be helpful to know that it is adjacent to the Copernic Restaurant, very close to the EPFL Post Office, and that there is a bus stop right there named EPFL Piccard. You may find it useful to consult the following detailed maps (the links below point to the location of CE1515): The room itself is on the first floor. You may find it helpful to consult this Street view from 2009, looking North, in which CE1515 is located upstairs on the right.

Room BC410 for DIFTS and Room BC420 for MEMOCODE

The room for DIFTS is BC410, see this EPFL plan link; BC410 is on the top floor of the BC building shown on the right of this street view, as you would see it if coming from the Rolex Learning Center.

Rolex Learning Center (Location of the Reception)

The Rolex Learning Center is the location of the reception on the evening of Tuesday, October 21, and is only 50 meters south of CE1515, as seen on this EPFL plan.

Olympic Museum (Location of the Banquet)

The Olympic Museum is the location of the banquet on the evening of Thursday, October 23. It is on the Lausanne lake area, called Ouchy. See "getting here" instructions from the museum. The customized Google Map shows the location of the Olympic Museum relative to other points of the conference. Coming from the M2 metro stop it is a short walk to the Olympic Park in which the museum is located, shown on the left.


We have made an arrangement for a limited number of rooms with the following two hotels:

If you are interested to stay in one of these hotels, please indicate so in your registration form to obtain the negotiated rate. More details and further recommendations will be available in the conference registration form.

Every hotel is required to provide you with a public transportation ticket for the duration of your stay. Please fill in the dates of your stay in the ticket. You can use the ticket on metro, buses, and trains on regular for local segments (e.g., between the main Lausanne train station and Renens train station). If buying an individual ticket (e.g., before arriving to the hotel), in most cases you will need to select "Grand Lausanne" as the region.

Food at EPFL

The lunch included in the conference registration is served in the nearby Parmentier cafeteria, which is located a short walk West from CE1515. Please start going there soon to avoid the noon crowd. The Parmentier cafeteria is self-service: please choose a soft drink and one of the meal plates. If a salad is included in a meal (usually only vegetarian ones), it will be given to you at the cash register, though you could get it as an extra item. Show your lunch ticket for the appropriate date. If you choose to take any extra items, you will need to pay for them in Swiss Francs, cash. Water tap is available next to the exit; tap water at EPFL is of good quality.

There are many other cafeterias at EPFL that work during the day; see the red menu bar on EPFL restauration page. The menu varies and is shown online. CE1515 is right next to the full restaurant Le Copernic (the service can become slow if you start your lunch later). A nearby cafeteria where you can get e.g., an espresso and a burger is L'Arcadie. Right next to Parmentier where we have lunch there is the Sattelite Bar and also a Thai cafeteria. Right across the little street where CE1515 is there is a small convenience store. In the Rolex Learning Center there is also a a cafeteria serving lunch, a coffee place, and a restaurant (which often requires advance reservation). If you walk to Metro 1 stop and Swisstech, you will find several restaurants including Gina, as well as supermarkets Migros and Denner.


There are ATMs next to Migros near Metro 1 stop, as well as ATMs in the two CrediSuisse offices, both close to CE1515: in Rolex Learning Center, and in this branch.

Some Quick Links

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