iOS Mobile Computing

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Date Topic Assignments
Tue 01/20 Course Intro, iOS overview

HW 1 out

Thu 01/22 Xcode, tutorial
Tue 01/27 Objective-C, tutorial

HW 1 Due
HW 2 out

Thu 01/29 Foundation and attributed Strings
Tue 02/03 Catch up and Language implementation issues
[pdf] [pptx]

HW 2 Due

Thu 02/05 View controller lifecycle

HW 3 out

Tue 02/10 Polymorphism with controllers
Thu 02/12 Views and gestures

HW 3 Due
HW 4 out
HW 4 supporting files

Tue 02/17 Protocols, blocks and animation
Thu 02/19 Flipped classroom - Gestures, blocks and animation

HW 4 Due

Tue 02/24 Autolayout, multithreading and scroll view

HW 4 Due
HW 5 out
HW 5 supporting files

Thu 02/26 Flipped classroom programming - scroll view, multithreading
Tue 03/03 Table view
Thu 03/05 Freezing rain
Tue 03/10 Universal apps, documents and core data

HW 5 Due

Thu 03/12 Guest lecture - James Logan from Chaotic Moon

HW 5 Due
Project proposal due

Tue 03/17 Spring break
Thu 03/19 Spring break
Tue 03/24 Core data
Thu 03/26 Flipped classroom - table view
Tue 03/31 Core location, modal segues, text fields, alert
[pdf 1]
[pdf 2]
Thu 04/02 Camera, core motion, application
Tue 04/07 Catch up

Project deliverable DUE

Thu 04/09 Practice exam and review
Tue 04/14 Exam
Thu 04/16 Conrad Stoll and Rene Cacheaux on Animation, Part 1

Project deliverable DUE

Tue 04/21 Conrad Stoll and Rene Cacheaux on Animation, Part 2
Thu 04/23 Exam review
Tue 04/28 Project presentation

Presentation group 1

Thu 04/30 Project presentation

Harry Potter Quiz
Presentation group 2

Tue 05/05 Project presentation

Presentation group 3

Thu 05/07 Project presentation

Project writeup DUE
Schedule Witchel/Littley demo
Presentation group 4

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