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30 March 2021. Krzysztof R. Apt and Tony Hoare submitted “Edsger W. Dijkstra: a Commemoration” to the Dijkstra Archive. This article was written by more than twenty computer scientists who knew him as a colleague, teacher, and friend.

20 June 2013. Three newly discovered EWDs have been added to the archive:

  • EWD301: Over de bewijsbaarheid van programmacorrectheid
  • EWD356: Advanced Course on Computer Systems Architecture (Grenoble, December 1972)
  • EWD360: Programming as a discipline of mathematical nature

These were discovered in the files of the late Martin Rem, and kindly forwarded to the Dijkstra Archive, by Erik Geelen

17 June 2013. Three newly discovered EWDs have been added to the archive:

  • EWD1035: On long-range planning for the CS department
  • EWD1110: To the members of the budget council (Confidential)
  • EWD1217: Comments on a Review of the Department

16 June 2013. EWD1127 has been deleted from the archive, for reasons explained here.

19 November 2010: Added a page indexing the Edsger W. Dijkstra Memorial Lectures.

5 April 2008: Added a link to an oral-history interview of Dijkstra conducted in August 2001.

6 November 2007: We have begun adding summaries of the EWDs. This innovation was suggested by Günter Rote, who contributed the first dozen summaries. Additional contributions of summaries—especially summaries in English of EWDs in Dutch—are most welcome.

2 December 2006: A letter to Communications of the ACM has been appended to EWD496B.PDF withdrawing the manuscript from publication after discovery of an error. Thanks to H.J.M.A.Cuijpers for contributing the letter.

21 February 2006: Descriptors of the EWDs which are the chapters of A Discipline of Programming (Prentice Hall, 1976) have been added to the BibTeX index. Because the book is still in print, PDF images of these EWDs have not been included in the site; the originals are accessible at the Center for American History at The University of Texas at Austin.

5 February 2006: Two interviews have been added to the site. One is a 1985 interview by Rogier van Vlissingen; the other is an audio recording originally broadcast by the U.S. National Public Radio in 1995.

22 December 2005: Wim Feijen discovered EWD75, and kindly sent the archive a PDF copy.

1 November 2005: EWD1240 has been added. This preliminary version of EWD1240a, "A little bit of lattice theory", was discovered and forwarded by Gijs Geleijnse of Philips Research.

6 July 2005: Thanks to Joseph N. Ruskiewicz of ETH Zürich, eight EWDs have been added:

EWD132 An Experiment with the "record class" as suggested by C.A.R. Hoare
EWD413 The formal treatment of some small examples
EWD428 Array variables
EWD440 The problem of the most isolated villages
EWD453 Finding the maximal strong components in a directed graph
EWD458 On non-determinacy being bounded
EWD459 The pattern matching problem
EWD1127   Referee's Report on "A Transformational Approach to Specifying Recovery in Asynchronous Communicating Systems"

11 March 2005: EWD882 has been added to the collection.

10 March 2005: EWD131 has been added to the collection, along with a transcription of it by Ria Dijkstra.

16 January 2005: Two EWDs —EWD 32 and EWD 35— have recently surfaced, thanks to Wim Feijen. Their OCR files are awaiting cleanup.

11 November 2004: A page of stationery is now provided for transcribers who wish to enhance their transcriptions with HTML markup.

22 June 2004: The entire site has been reformatted and reorganized. Three new videos have been added, along with a link to the UT CS Department's memorial celebration.

12 December 2003: Jonathan Pettifogger's response (by Brian Randell) to EWD 475.

18 November 2003: Transcriptions continue to be added, and a new translation (EWD 1235).

2 November 2003: The Memorial Resolution is now available in A4 format.

17 August 2003: The University of Texas faculty’s Memorial Resolution has been added.

19 July 2003: The site now has its first English translation of a document originally in Dutch. Thanks to Toby Thain and Albert Kiefer for this one; others are in the pipeline.

17 July 2003: The very last EWD (EWD1318) has been added to the archive. This one was written after Prof. Dijkstra returned for the last time to The Netherlands.

15 July 2003: There's a nice article in Salon about EWD and this site. (The Salon site charges admission, but by wading through some advertisements you can get a one-day free pass.)

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